Zenfolio | Andrea Ricciardi Photography | Egypt
This was a great journey in Egypt with some egyptian friends, traveling from Cairo to Sellum, near the Libyan border, by train and car, to see a total eclipse of the Sun. I live in Italy, we had a long history, but nothing can compare to the smell of the past you breathe in Egypt
Emerging from the sands of timeWhere Amon-Rah goes to sleepPyramid perspectivePointing to the skyWe're so littleThe praying placeFine pottery shopLow lights under domesMeeting in the mosqeeLooking from insideFoggy sunset in CairoFlying together over CairoFollow meWaiting with a patient friendApproaching the oldest oneFeeling the warmth of the millenniaDesert dogsCloudy SaqqaraThree pyramidsTales from a long time ago