Zenfolio | Andrea Ricciardi Photography | Egypt
This was a great journey in Egypt with some egyptian friends, traveling from Cairo to Sellum, near the Libyan border, by train and car, to see a total eclipse of the Sun. I live in Italy, we had a long history, but nothing can compare to the smell of the past you breathe in Egypt
Two friendsTwo friends, againGoing to pray, leaving the shoesSpeaking with GodPraying: two momentsIn the cage (but who is inside...)Pink girl and friendsHelping my dad (not really...)Can you see me?School time is overThe world moves too fast for meSelling bread at midnightIn the middle of my empireDon't mind, he doesn't know how to loseMaking the bread for poor peopleGuardians of an ancient kingThe only shadow for milesGoing home for lunchRed nails babyTired